AVSAB Position Statement on BSL

AVSAB Position Statement on BSL

By Steve Dale

Photo by J. Nichole Smith | www.mylittleandlarge.com

Communities seeking to enhance community safety, deter dog bites and dog attacks sometimes believe than an “easy fix” is to ban specific breeds. It turns out this strategy never works, according to a new position statement from the American Veterinary Society of ...read more

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Reality Check for Carers/Owners of Dogs with ‘Issues’

Reality Check for Carers/Owners of Dogs with ‘Issues’

By Theo Stewart

Photo by Jayme Dukart | www.jdpetphotography.net


Why do so many clients with fearful or reactive dogs, who often have started off so well, lose heart?

The reason is because they just don't fully accept the time and work that changing fear-based or guarding behaviors in particular can take.

Teaching people ...read more

Source: https://positively.com/contributors/reality-check-for-carersowners-of-dogs-with-issues/


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